Three Two One

I can hardly believe that today is three days before Christmas.  It feels to me as this year went by extremely fast. Blink and it's gone.  Just another reason pictures are so important.  It doesn't matter who does them, just get them done.  You can only retain so much to memory, it is so nice to look at a printed moment in time. Trust me when I say, there are moments you won't want to forget, and yes, there are times when tomorrow could be too late.

I have a picture in my mind, that was never captured by a camera. Sometimes the memory is clear, however, as time has passed the mental image becomes fuzzy. This is one of the reasons I take so many pictures.

It is so important to me, that I feel the need for you to have pictures too. All this fun commenting you have been doing, will result in not one, but three photo shoots up for grabs.  Everyone that has made the daily comment deadline is entered for a random drawing, still three days left to enter. That winner will not be announced until December 26th. 

The post where I asked you to tell me someone that you would love to give a session too, well that will be a separate drawing, one of those families will receive a free session. If you have not nominated someone, go back and find that post and add a name.  This is my gift to you, so you can give back. This winner will be announced Christmas Day.

Finally the last way to win won't be announced until Christmas Eve.  Can't end all the fun yet.  

Have a blessed day.

Slowly catching up.

I'm slowly catching up, despite having a period of not feeling so well this season.

Regardless, it is the season of giving, so many of you know why having portraits of loved one's is so special to me.  Thank you all for following along with the fun.  I have a few, yes a few session to give away in 2012.  I can not wait to see who will win these.

It's been awhile

It seems like it has been forever, since I have been able to sit down and post anything. Lot's of changes have been happening, and more to come. This site will have a new address, you should be redirected soon. Just in case you are not, the new address is This should make things a little easier.

For now here are a couple peeks at some recent favorites.
A mothers love for her boys, nothing else like it. It makes my heart smile to see a childhood friend so happy.  This family just radiates Divine Love, beautiful inside and out. We had such a beautiful morning.  Not even a coyote could scare us away. 

This is the third time photographing these lovely children, I have to say this was my favorite session with them ever.  Such a fun family.  I even convinced mom to get in the pictures, I promised not to post them.  I wonder if I had my fingers crossed, when I promised, if it would be ok to post?

When you wish upon a star, I know all your dreams will come true sweet baby girl.  I've known from the first time I photographed, this sweet doll as an infant, she was destined for great things.  Such a sweet and beautiful little girl. One of the happiest I've ever seen.  Keeping you in prayer, while you undergo your second surgery.

Sweet Ruby, I can hardly believe you will almost be one.  You bring so much joy to everyone around you.  I think I loose a pound or two of sweat every time I photograph you too.  I can not wait to see what God has in store for you, as you grow.  You are one special girl, full of sweet smiles and surprises, I love that you always want it your way.  

For now, I have set aside today to have some fun with my two little blessings. Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving

Robinson Family - Riverside California Maternity Session

I had the pleasure of photographing the Robinson Family. Such a lovely family, we had a wonderful time here at my home studio. Lots of laughs that day. I had never officially met this family before, but when we were done, I felt like I had known them forever.

I have so many favorites from this session, I can not even begin to choose, but I wanted to share a few.

I think Katy looks a little like Helen Hunt, so beautiful. She was glowing the day of our session. And the love between these two... You can just feel it. I love when Dad just goes along with everything. He really is outnumbered in his house.

I say outnumbered, because these four hands are the proud parents to three beautiful girls. And yes, one more just twelve days old now.

Beautiful I tell you. And all three have their own fun little personalities.

After a bit of time in the studio, we headed out to our little field near by.

It was a beautiful night, with lovely light. I am so glad they were willing to brave all the stickers to get some lovely moments.

I can not wait to meet their fourth bundle of joy tomorrow morning, I hear she is just beautiful.

Thank you again Robinson Family, I had such a wonderful time, and your session has given me some new favorites.

The Lovely Maria - Riverside California Maternity Photoshoot

What can you say about a women within two weeks of her due date? That's when I first met Maria. She walked up to my home, for her photo-shoot, and all I could see was beauty radiating from her.

I mean really, look at her. I'm not sure beautiful is enough. She was absolutely stunning. On top of that, very sweet.

The light was beautiful that day. We had planned to do some in the studio, and out in the field next door.  I really could not have asked for better weather.  Thank goodness, because I do not think she could have waited much longer.

There were so many lovely pictures to choose from, I just could not pick a favorite. Just a little sample of some of the lovely moments we captured that day.

Maria was the best, not certain I could have been this flexible at 38 weeks pregnant, but then again, I never made it that long.  And I never looked this good either.

After our studio fun, we headed out for sunset next door.  

Perfect I tell you, everything that day was just perfect.  Maternity photo-shoots are one of my all time favorites to do.  There is just something about the promise of a new life on the way.

Thank you so much Maria, for including me in this special time of your life. I can not wait to meet your baby girl. I am pretty certain she will be adorable, especially if she looks anything like her mommy.

A little cake smash complete - Inland Empire Family and Children Photographer

Little baby A was born on Valentines day, and celebrated her first birthday last month. I had the extreme pleasure, of getting to capture her one year old photos.

I've been setting up a little natural light studio, in my garage, it was a perfect day. I am really enjoying being able to shoot from home. I will continue to do this more often. 

We started off with the sweetest little dress. Mom bought this dress, when she found out she was having a little girl.

I'm just not sure how she could have dreamed that her baby girl would be this precious. She is as beautiful on the inside, as she is the outside. 

And since she was born on Valentines Day, we just had to use some heart props..

Then of course we ended things with a cake smash... But first a little fun with tutu and pearls.

There were so many sweet moments during this session, these are a few of my favorite cake filled moments.

I think this will go down as one of my very favorite session. I know, I say that every time...

Thank you Compton Family, for sharing your precious little one with me.  

Little Miss A - Riverside California Children and Family Photographer

Oh my goodness, I really can not stop looking at the images from this shoot yesterday. Little Miss A, turned one on February 14th. Due to some cold rainy weather, we had to postpone her birthday shoot, until yesterday. Boy was it worth the wait. Such a beautiful morning yesterday.

Here is just one quick peek at little Miss Lovely. So fun and full of life. Thank you Nicole for sharing your beautiful little girl with me.

Is she not the sweetest little gal ever? So many more to come. I actually woke up sore this morning from all the bending and squatting I did during the shoot. It was all worth it.